Discount Season, Great Crazy Shopping Tips

It is happiest season for women of year again——Year-end discount shopping season. Many untouchable “New arrival” would share the 50% off discount, and even lower. China fashion wholesale is pleased to share you some great tips for crazy shopping; buy the best things with the lowest price.

discount crazy shopping

Tip 1 travelling light

You just need to dress yourself in a simple way, no many those too cumbrous clothes, in this way, you can increase efficiency in the dressing room. If you need to carry a bag, the shoulder bag is best, not handbag, like this, you can set your hands free, and take several clothing a time.

Tip2 only buy fitted clothing

Don’t buy some clothes not fit your size just due to the affordable price, later, you will found it waste money, and you never wear them.

Tip 3 cottoning up with salesclerk

You can have a try of talking with salesclerk who looks kind; they will be pleased to be at service for you. Sometimes, they will recommend you some great styles, and they maybe fit you good.

discount crazy shopping

Tip 4 hunt designer special styles

Some brands will cooperate with famous designers, and usually, their design works is expensive. These fashion clothes will also have discount in the discount season with other apparel. Therefore, put keen eyes to find these styles, because the cutting and design will be really different.

Tip 5 Stand the temptation

Before the final swiping card, take a photo in the dressing room and send it to your intimates, let them give you suggestions. If your friends give a qualified opinion, and then you’d better reserve your money.

Tip 6 take full use of online shopping

In the nowadays, many brands have their own mature online shopping website, and some styles looking great you couldn’t find it in the off-line store. If you don’t find suitable size while online shopping, you can require they arrange delivery from headquarter warehouse, and you just wait a little long days.

discount crazy shopping

Tip 7 don’t saunter in your old shopping area

If you want to buy some basic, how about sauntering in the men’s clothing area. For instance, if you want to buy woolen sweater, you can find a perfect one in the men’s clothing shop, and there are femine styles and color in mens clothes, and they are not hot selling. Provides Amazing Discount for All Fashion Coat Jackets

To appreciate the old and new customers, China wholesale clothing provides great discount for all the clothing for men, women and kids. Take the chance to enjoy the crazy fashion shopping carnival and save money.

The coat jackets supplied by China clothes free shipping store are always abided the high quality making. As for the new men’s clothing, bluelans adds clothes with simple smart design to show men’s handsome line. The color is also match with men’s taste. It is fit and cool. As for women clothing, under the basic of keeping warm, adopts the clean cut and beautiful slim style, which show the perfect body line. The clothing make ladies can enjoy fashion and show off sexy figure in the cold winter. The bold bright color, fashion, cute and tender makes women shining in the winter. It can be said, winter coats from will show really great fashion and quality, no matter from style or details.

Just like winter coats for men and women, also provides various selections of lovers coat jackets to meet the demands of sweet lovers. And once hit the market, these lover coat jackets win a large number of fans both home and domestic. Healthy, light, excellent material, trendy design with active but not lacking of elegance, especially in such a cold winter 2012, romantic lovers winter jackets become classic, and add some warmer love color to this chilly winter.

During the New year discount, no matter winter jackets for men and women, or for lovers, they all will be sold at a really affordable price to the old and new customers. In addition this coat jackets, customers can also online shopping all fashion jewelry, handbags, shoes, fashion accessories, electronic gadgets, etc. at a world unbeatable cheapest price. believes, no matter what needs you required, such a broad affordable choices; customers can easily find a preferred one to enjoy in this cold winter.

Bluelans Recommends 4 Great Gossip Girl Handbag Shoulder Bags

Following the success of Gossip Girl, fashion accessories used by girls in the play are also winning a large number of fans. While enjoy watching the wonderful story, at the same time, girls like shopping fashion accessories like bags, clothing, jewelry, etc.

Grasp the trend, China fashion wholesale is pleased to recommend several hot selling handbags once appeared in Gossip Girl series.

gossip girl handbag

This is really a common but useful handbag with satchels and outside pocket. Designed with faux suede, it is a stylish design and vintage style. You can bring it for your preference. The shoulder strap can be easily removable and adjustable. Furthermore, the dynamic design includes a full flap over closure to secure your precious things. And its size is also easy and great for you to carry laptop and documents. It is really a good partner perfect for school, work and shopping.

gossip girl handbag

This is a classic style fashion handbag you can see around the street. Maybe, one of the successful factors is that it appears in the hot play series Gossip Girl. It is very simple vintage style, only with this design factor, when you carrying it outside, it will show your good taste. And it is hard to be out of date. Adopted in genuine leather, the quality will step into a higher stair.

gossip girl handbag

Smile is a good feature for human. It will bring us happy mode. This China wholesale handbag is designed into smile face style. It can imagine you carry a smile face outside; this happiness will spread and sent to the other people. It is really great. Get it; you can enjoy this great feeling, send happiness to others. Also, this special handbag is very practical with the size. You can use it to carry laptop, tablet PC, document, etc.

gossip girl handbag

This bag is also simple designed with rivet. As far as we known, rivet is really a fashionable factor these years. This handbag successfully uses the rivet in the bag. Although it is very simple, it is absolutely not common. Wear it outside, others also will like this simple but fashion handbag. The size is not very big, this kind of  China wholesale bags will be perfect for shopping, travel, and have fun.


Beauty Has No limits from Fashion Sweaters Knitwear

If we said dress is for summer, and then sweater seems to be for cold winter. In the past impression, sweater never stands in the fashion field. However, currently, more and more knitwear sweater becomes necessary single item. Take a wide view on street, no matter super star or the public; there will be a fashion sweater appears in the shot.

In the following post, China clothes free shipping store will recommend customers several fashion but warm sweater.

Cute T-Shirt Blouse Knit Tops

fashion sweater

This type sweater comes with extremely abundant choices. There are all styles of patter such as Christmas deer, carton, flower, skull, snowflower, letters, stars, etc. Fashion cute pattern together with warm hair inside, they are not only make you fashionable but also perfect warm partner in cold winter.

Lace Splicing OL sweater knitwear

fashion sweater

This knitwear is casual sweet style with round neck, lace splicing, loose bodice and long sleeve, it makes you attractive and fashion in public and street. The three colors are classic and very great for basic. The lace spicing highlight the whole fashion feeling, wearing it, seems very elegant and comfortable.

Batwing Cape Poncho Knit Top

fashion sweater

This cardigan knitwear is simple style with loose bodice, Korean style and batwing long sleeve; it makes you charming, leisure and fashion in public and street. Adopting the most fashionable factor batwing these years, unquestioned, it successfully attracted attention from the fashion girls. Furthermore, the cardigan sweater is thick enough to help you keep warm. Not only have fashion, but also not cold.

Bat Sleeve Sweater

fashion sweater

Simple stripe design, classic color splicing, fashion batwing sleeve, irregular hem design, etc. all these simple factors make this sweater not simple but really fashion and cool. If you walked in the street with it, easily, you would be the lime light. Simple but absolutely not common, it will show your good taste.

Smocked Sweater Cardigan Wraps Tops

fashion sweater

This is really a simple coat jacket in wrap style. When you look at the wrap top, it is just a very common rectangle pattern. Maybe you will spend time on confirming where sleeve is. After find the sleeve, you just need to wear it, a perfect smocked sweater wrap appear. It is very cozy and extremely fashion. Really a fashionista in the street!

Winter necessary clothing is abundant. Except for the sweater, jacket, cotton-padded coat, down coat, wool outerwear, etc. will be great choices. No matter which type you need, you will find a suitable one.

Furthermore, China wholesale clothing also provides a broad range of mens clothing like sweater, shirts, coat, and pants at a world unbeatable price with free shipping service. Have a look here now!

Great Match Tips for Dressing Short Cotton-Padded Coat Jackets in Office

Cold winter is here, it is time for the thick winter coat in the wardrobe to have some fresh breath. However, in the past 4 famous fashion show, men’s clothing takes a cozy style. Jacket is not the unique apparel used to keep warm. Simple designed short cotton-padded coat become the hot pet again.

But, how to dress cotton-padded coat in office with a good manner? Experienced China wholesale clothing store is pleased to share some tips.

Color: solid color is leading the trend. Black, navy and gray are great choices; these colors will have a better quality feeling to the eyes. Furthermore, it will also bring you low-key but tasteful temperature, and give others steady feeling. Khaki is also a good option, nevertheless, advised people under 35-year-old to dress; due to older than 35 will appear aged feeling. Dark grid pattern coat jacket is also a nice try, men who prefer fashion can choose it. But the color shouldn’t be too bright. Because it is easy to be out of date, and is not very suitable in the office.

Style: multi-pockets is popular this year. It can not only show younger, but also with good practical feature which bring great convenience to men who don’t like wear a bag. The length is better to hip length; it won’t look flighty with easy convenience. Thin men can choose double-breasted style; and fatter men can select single-breasted style. Please note to buy the fit size. This style (a little causal) will be easier to be free, therefore, slim is better. If you wear a hooded coat jacket, it is better to bring off the hat. It is not suitable to wear a hooded jacket in formal occasions. But wearing in weekend will add some easy atmosphere. Colder and snow weather, hooded coat can also keep warm, very practical.

Match tips:

You can choose same color series pants, such as dark blue coat with navy pants, make the whole dressing same. But note not to choose the same color, this will look stiff.

Both the basic sweater and shirts can have patterns; it will increase the whole feeling.

In the business time, a cotton pant is a great choice. However, in weekend, jeans will make you become a fashionista at once.

You can also choose the same color outerwear and shoes. It will have a good similar feeling.

You can choose a different color series scarf from outerwear, stand out accessories’ effect.

Error example:

Plaid sweater + plaid outerwear, even if match with simple color will be not easy, it will give people flighty feeling, and not clean and smooth.